MESKLA Exhibition

Gwyrdh Glas: Liwyow a Gernow, MESKLA at FLamm, October 2023

Photo credits: Nick Cooney
Gwyrdh Glas looks to the granite forms found scattered across Kernow such as at Carn Brea*, Trencrom and Rough Tor, and the connection to land that many have talked about throughout MESKLA. The work continues to look at contemporary Kernewek/Cornish cultural identity, and invite conversation around the impact of extraction industries such as tourism and mining, while we make sculpture.

Gwyrdh Glas includes conversation and making workshops in which we make ‘rock’ sculptures from reclaimed material, and paint them in colours that connect to our identities and our relationships with the land and rocks of Kernow. We name the colours in Kernewek/Cornish, creating new names that resonate with our conversations to use alongside the existing Kernewek names for colours. These new colours names are being collected in a Liwyow a Gernow / Colours of Cornwall sample book to add to the MESKLA archive.

Huge thank you to Kowethas an yeth Kernewek who have loaned dictionaries to the project, and to Cornwall Council's Cornish Language Service who continue to support the project with Kernewek translation.

* Carn Brea is a rocky hill with granite outcrops shaped by the squeezing hands of giants; I grew up with it always in my vision.

Photo credits: Nick Cooney & Sovay Berriman
MESKLA at Tate St Ives, Spring 2023

MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh re-used copper pipe and rubbish sculptures was  installed in the Foyle Studio at Tate St Ives over the long Beltane weekend of 29th April - 1st May. Drop-in Rubbish Sculpture & Conversation workshops were available over the three days.

On Sunday 30th April Fran Rowse & Agnieszka Blonska joined me for a public conversation about the intricacies of making work in relation to identity. This conversation was recorded and you may ‘listen again’ via You Tube.


The MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh exhibition of 2022 brought together all the sculptures made whilst discussing contemporary Cornish cultural identity, during Rubbish Sculpture & Converstaion workshops that year. The contributed sculptures were presented within an installation, made with reclaimed copper and other waste material, by Sovay Berriman.

A closing event with artist Steven Paige took place on Saturday 10th December. Steven and Sovay held an in-conversation discussion which explored the concepts and methodology behind MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh, working in expanded practices, making sculpture and plans for MESKLA’s future. This even was not recorded.

Photo credits: Nick Cooney

Above: Sovay’s Making Working Draings for MESKLA, 2022, watercolour and pencil on paper.

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