A limited edition of small palm-sized pocket sculptures (above) were cast from reclaimed copper and given, on a first come first served basis, to those who contributed to the sculptural workshops, creating a physical legacy, and reminder of the shared conversations.

Independent queer arts & heritage consultancy ButCH/*  formatively evaluated the first stage of the project in 2022.

In late 2022 a pamphlet was produced with texts by Emma Underhill and BuTCH/*, and a drawing by Sovay that responded to the connections and communications that are so essential to the MESKLA methodology. This pamphlet can be viewed here.

Meskla was included in The Redruth Story Book published by The Writers’ Block. You can read the text by Sovay here.

Sovay’s Gwyrdh Glas work for Flamm Cornwall hosted rubbish workshops to make rock sculptures informed by the carns of Kernow, which were painted in colours that connected to participants’ identities. We looked for suitable Kernewek/Cornish language words for those colours. If a fitting word did not exist, we created one through conversation, use of Kernewek/Cornish dictionaries and support from Kernewek speakers.

The colours and their words will be collected in a sample book - Liwyow a Gernow (Colours of Cornwall) which will be added to the MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh archive, and offered to the Cornish Language Office for the ever evolving langauge of Kernow/Cornwall.

Sovay self-published her short story Catching Copper within the MESKLA project, see images below. Catching Copper speaks to some of where the MESKLA project has come from for Sovay. It is a story about loss, change, and power. It considers how people, place and experience form who we are; it wonders about relationships to land, labour, and what we leave behind; and it pays attention to the impact of small moments. You can listen to an audio version listen via youtube, scan the QR code or click the embedded player below. The audio is 22mins30secs in duration, it’s recommended to listen via headphones. To buy a riso print copy of the story with an illustration by Sovay please visit the shop.

The text written by Angela Piccini and Sefryn Penrose of ButCH/* about the first year of MESKLA, has been translated into Kernewek and is available to read via issuu. Please click on the image below to read.

2025 and Beyond
To continue the discussions of MESKLA I aim to produce a small artist’s publication of a Cornish/English phrase book of words, terms and questions collected during the project. This can be used as provocations and starting points for your own making and conversation sessions.
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