Marker for the Brough, with Matt Rowe’s energy blankets, as part of Laura Manfield’s 59.14 N 3.34 W. Photo credit: Rebecca Marr. 

As an artist I set-up situations of collaboration and learning, enabling opportunity to ask questions, seek alternative viewpoints, forge new connections and spark fresh ideas. I believe that by working together we can achieve more, that power lies in finding the right tools to do the work, and that the most effective solution often takes time. 

I make artwork through sculpture, installation, drawing, text, and event; developing projects and programmes that bring people together using visual art as a structure and prompt for action and discussion. Within my works I use a variety of materials - for instance acrylic sheet, steel, cloth, redundant copper pipe and clay. Symbols and forms may repeat, elements of sculptures and drawings may lean, prop or balance; pieces work together to create a whole, a supportive structure and shared story. I am interested in edges and moments of change, the potential of an element or individual, the possibilities of the collective, and questioning the balance of power.

The use and evolution of the natural landscape, particularly in relation to human activity, for instance archeological and industrial sites, alongside performance platforms, such as stages and dance floors, inform the abstract and semi-fantastical structures and situations I build. My work is rooted in my experience of being Cornish, my culture’s shifting identity, and the mutability of a sense of place.

In 2015 I trained as a plumbing and heating engineer and work in the construction industry alongside my art activity. My experiences in this line of work have allowed me to develop the critical socio-economic and political aspects of my practice, particularly in relation to environment, care and the labour of making. 

Days out in a Renault Twingo, by Joanne Tatham
Everyday Constellations, an essay by Mary Paterson, discusses for Synethsia, a Cultivator Cornwall and University of Plymouth project.
Drawing as Research, with Tate Learning
An Artist-Led Adventure, an article by Stephen Palmer for a-n, about Molluscs Hunt Wizards
Mildly Radical, Liz Rowe for Dense Cluster at Bristol Diving School.
That’s Entertainment, by Sacha Waldron for The Skinny, a review of Entertainement Suite in Oculist Witnesses, The Harris, Preston
Oculist Witnesses review by Sam Pickett for Corridor 8
Vanishing Point by Laura McLean Ferris for Oculist Witnesses

Photo credits from top left:  Agile Structures  symposium with Sara Bowler, 2020, Zoom, online workshop for Palace of Culture, Newlyn Exchange, 2021,  and Cultivator Cornwall funded skills development work at Trevone Quarry with blacksmith, Lisa Wisdom.

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