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References and further reading relating to conversations that have taken place during the MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh project will be added here. Some are listed under headers relating to a specific conversation, whilst others are included in a section of broader research relating to the project themes. 

Cornish National Minority Status
Cornwall Council Cornish Language Office
How to swear in Kernewek and other useful phrases
Sordya - Bilingual Leftist Content for Kernow - blog posting
London Mining Network
ICOMOS - International Council on Momuments & Sites
UNESCO - safeguarding intengible heritage
West Papua Freedom Flotilla
Bernard Deacon - Cornish Studies Resources
Art Cornwall
The Levant Mining Disaster 1919 - film
Re-voicing Cultural Landscapes - Falmouth University
Sonic Landscapes of Colour podcast - A Two-part audio documentary telling the story of young people of colour who have grown up in the south west.

MESKLA at Tate St Ives
Sovay Berriman in-conversation with Maria Christoforidou & Agnieszka Blonska
Agnieszka BlonskaimPOSSIBLE Productions
Maria Christoforidou - Spontaneous beings & ΜΑΛΘΑ: The Thrice Burnt Archives of Unreliable Prophecies

#1 - Pol Hodge, Jenefer Lowe, & Mark Trevethan
Pan-Celtic festivals
Gorsedh Kernow
Cornish Language Office
Brenda Wootton
Richard Carew
Prayer Book Rebellion
Cornish Rebellion of 1497
A Brief History of the Cornish Language
Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek - Cornish Language

#2 - Libita Sibungu, Georgia Gendall & Liam Jolly 
Penwith Artist Led Projects
eek, The Old Grammar School
Falmouth Food Coop
Disco Rococo
Seamas Carey’s The Reason Why podcast
Radar - Archiving as Creative Practice 2022 with Mkutaji na Njia & Libita Sibungu
Arts Foundation Award
Hospital Rooms
Nina Royle

#3 - Dr Hilary Orange & Prof. Emma Gilberthorpe
INDIS - Indiginous Sustainable Development
'From the Horse's Mouth: perceptions of development from Papua New Guinea' (Gilberthorpe 2005) - film
DéPOT podacst - Deindustrialisation & the Politics of Our Time
Bernard Deacon
Caradoc Peters
Philip Payton
Crossed Lines: migrant fisher experiences in Scotland - film
Development Studies Research Journal

#4 - Dr Stephanie Pratt & Jowdy Davey
Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
Marlena Myles - artist
Decolinization: Indigeneity, Education & Society - Journal
Indiginous Place Thought and Agency Amongst Human and Non-Humans (First Woman and Sky Woman go on a European World Tour!) - Vanessa Watts
Dr Max Carocci
Melinda Schwakhofer
Project Indiginous you tube channel - Mayflower Video

#5 - Ellie Allen, Becky Bordeaux & Luke Passey/Passman
Poldark BBC
Poldark books
The Corn Laws
Methodism in Cornwall
Cornwall with Simon Reeve
Camborne Foodbank
St Petrocs Housing

#6 - Dave Beech
Emily Thomas - The Meaning of Travel
Michael John Law - A World Away
Nanook of the North - Wikipedia
Richard Hoggart - The Uses of Literacy
Alain Badiou - Theory of Ethics

#7 - Association of Unknown Shores
Avon Stories - Avon Canoe Pilot - Sarah Connolly talks with Heath Bunting & Kayle Brandon for her podcast
White liar and the known shore’ - Jaimie Griffiths & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory
Cleo Lake 
Clearwell Caves
Elaine Morman -
Alison Bain
Norah Kennedy

#8 - Natasha Carthew & Dr Joanie Willett
North Cornwall Book Festival
Working Class Writers Festival https://www.trusselltrust.orgJoseph Rowntree Foundation
Nature Writing Prize for Working Class Writers
Institute of Cornish Studies
Undercurrent by Natasha Carthew

#9 - Angeline Morrison
Evaristo Muchovela
Birch Tree Folk Choir
Black Girls Hike
John Moody - photographer

#10 - Amanprit Sandhu
Folkestone Triennial
Liverpool Biennial
Art on the Underground
Decolinization: Indigeneity, Education & Society - Journal
Indiginous Place Thought and Agency Amongst Human and Non-Humans (First Woman and Sky Woman go on a European World Tour!) - Vanessa Watts

SYMPOSIUM - by speaker
#Angeline Morrison
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#Fran Rowse

#Libita Sibungu
Audre Lorde - Sister Outsider
Audre Lorde poetry

#Shelley Trower
Does extraction always equal exploitation? - Lucie Ackerman
Lithium mining in Cornwall - The Guardian, 21/10/22
Shelley’s website with links to her books
Ghosts Landscape Literature and Symbol Archive project made between Shelley & Sovay in 2009

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