‘This interplay between the autonomy of individual objects and the collective of the group as a whole, lies at the radical heart of Berriman’s work. In her practice, sculptures declare their own temporality, materials declare their own histories, and communities declare the sovereignty of their individual parts. Rather than the individual and the group being in competition with each other, they are co-creators of a shared reality. This is what the philosopher Erin Manning calls “response- ability”: a pulsing network of reciprocal relationships in which everything affects – and effects – everything else...

    ‘This balance between the real and the imagined, the incredible and the everyday, is the through line that informs all of Berriman’s practice. It is in this, carefully held space that her work casts a type of spell, able to recognise the fullness of the histories of her materials as well as all the potentials of their futures. In doing so, Berriman does not transform the everyday realm into a special aesthetic experience; rather, she imbues the magic of an aesthetic world view into the realm of the everyday.
    After all, “if we keep things on pedestals,” she says, “we limit them, and we limit our relationship with wonder.”

From Everyday Constellations by Mary Paterson
Written for Synethsesia, a Cultivator Cornwall & University of Plymouth project that brings artists and writers together.
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