Enterainment Suite, 2010-ongoing 

Entertainment Suite is conceived as a modular sculpture that shifts its form to work with each new exhibition situation. Images here show the different iterations of the piece since its inception in 2010. The work was initially presented as part of the solo exhibition Entertaining at The Dust Lounge, commissioned by Matt Burrows for Exeter Phoenix in Spring 2010. The show also included the pieces Batons 1 - 5, and drawings Cruise Lounge and Fleet Plans 1 - 3, together the works presented a framework for an undefined performance to take place.

At Works|Projects, Bristol as part of the group show The Crystal Palace (Destroyed) curated by Simon Morrisey, Entertainment Suite was shown alongside work of Melanie Counsel, Mike Ricketts, Heather and Ivan Morison and Roy Voss. In Winter 2010 it was installed as part of as part of A Theatre to Address: in excessive structure, curated by Bridget Cro

ne with work by Tai Shani and Mikko Canini, and was shown as part of To Pay Respect to The Generosity of The Three-Minute Punk-Rock Song, Crate, Margate, curated by Toby Huddlestone. 

Entertainment Suite was also included in Oculist Witnesses: According to Duchamp at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston in 2015. The exhibition was part of the Dance First, Think Later contemporary art programme curated by Clarissa Corfe, and included new and existing works from Lindsey Bull, Ruth Claxton and Richard Hamilton. Sacha Waldron’s text ‘That’s Entertainment’ for The Skinny is available HERE, Sam Pickett wrote a review for Corridor 8 HERE, and ‘Vanishing Point’ an essay by Laura McLean Ferris responding to the exhibition and is available to read HERE.

Photograph credits top left to right Jamie Woodley, Sovay Berriman, Rob Darch, Sam Nightingale, and Toby Huddlestone.

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