MESKLA Supporters

MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh is able to take place due to the kind supporters of a Crowdfunder campaign, that provided match funding for Arts Council England and Redruth Unlimited.

Below is a message sent to those who pledged for a Kernewek MESKLA postcard.

  Meur ras ow skoodhya MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh. MESKLA yw le may hwovynnir ynno govynnow kepar ha, pyth yw an keskolmow ynter tir, ertach, renkas ha honanieth wonisogethel? Pyth yw gonisogeth antavadow Kernow? Pyth yw an effeythyow a dhiwysyansow estennans war omglewans longya? Yma MESKLA ow kuntel darnow drudh a honanieth wonisogethel kevos Kernow hag ow tispletya keskows kudh. Hwans a’gan beus ty dhe vos omma, Sovay.

    Thank you so much for your support of MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh. MESKLA is a space for asking questions such as, what are the relationships between land, heritage, class and cultural identity? What is intangible Cornish culture? What are the impacts of extraction industries on a sense of belonging? MESKLA is gathering precious fragments of contemporary Cornish cultural identity and drawing attention to a hidden conversation. Wish you were here, Sovay

MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Funding also gratefully received from Redruth Unlimited, further generous support to help realise the project is given by Liam Jolly of Auction HouseEllie Allen of Splann, Jowdy Davey & Lowender Peran, Falmouth University Falmouth Campus, Kresen Kernow, Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek, Gorsedh Kernow, Cornwall Neigbourhoods for Change, Kath Buckler, Alice Mahoney & CMR, ButCH/*, and Cornwall Council Cornish Language Office.

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